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As a market leader in the supply of limestone calcium carbonates we are uniquely placed to offer customers our branded range or bespoke blended formulations to suit very specific applications. Whatever your application needs, our team of technical experts will work with you to achieve your material requirements.

We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with. Our dedicated customer service team offers a single point of contact and quick response. Whatever your limestone calcium needs, you can rely on our support every step of the way.

Ballidon Calcium Carbonates are produced from our high calcium, low contaminant reserves located in the Derbyshire, Peak District.

The natural limestone calcium materials are produced at our modern facilities under a Quality System registered to ISO 9001 and an Environmental Management System registered to ISO 14001.

During the manufacture process selected deposits of limestone are dried to very low moisture content and undergo a process of crushing, classification and screening to give a precisely controlled material of consistent quality.


We believe that sustainability is about securing long-term success for our business, our customers and communities by continually improving environmental, social and economic performance throughout the whole lifecycle of our products, services and solutions.

We are proud to have switched all electricity supplies used to manufacture our materials to renewable energy supplies.
No stone is wasted. 100% of our quarried stone is sold or used to restore the site to prevent visual impact to the national park.
Commitment – at Ballidon Calcium Carbonates operate under accredited management systems to ensure the provision of a safe working environment. We enforce a commitment to minimise environmental impacts and focus efforts on a programme of continuous improvement in our drive towards Net Zero manufacture.


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