Our limestone calcium carbonates are produced from high calcium purity, low contaminant reserves. We offer customers Trucal and Trucarb ranges of graded materials together with a bespoke specification service to meet individual application needs.

Supply Logistics

Supply Options Bulk Pressure Discharge Bulk Tanker and bulk tipper.
IBC Woven Polypropylene IBC (Big bags) up to 1250kg capacity.
Bags Nominal 25kg paper sacks, stacked 49 bags (1225kg) to a pallet.
Animal feed
Calcium Carbonate in animal feed
Calcium Carbonate in animal feed plays a vital role as a dietary supplement. Compliant with FEMAS accreditation scheme for animal feed ingredients.

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Chicken feed
Calcium Carbonate in chicken feed
Calcium Carbonate in chicken feed is essential to good poultry nutrition. Compliant with FEMAS accreditation scheme for animal feed ingredients.

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Calcium Carbonate in fertilisers
Calcium Carbonate fertilisers balance pH and promote healthy root growth, and act as a carrier for the fertiliser compounds.

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Calcium Carbonate in concrete
Calcium carbonate fine filler enables the filling of voids with stone and thus reduces water demand and admixture use. It produces a mix with increased flow characteristics which can self-compact, and a smooth finish.

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Calcium Carbonate in renders
Calcium Carbonate forms the majority of a render, using a range of particle sizes to produce the desired appearance and strength, and to enable the smooth application of the render.

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Polymers and resins
Calcium Carbonate in polymers and resins
Calcium Carbonate in polymers and resins helps to decrease surface energy, provides opacity and surface gloss and improves surface finish.

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Calcium Carbonate in cement
Calcium Carbonate in Postmix and concrete products is an inexpensive and effective through-graded aggregate, enabling good compaction and strength optimisation.

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Asphalt and bitumen
Calcium Carbonate in asphalt and bitumen
Ballidon Calcium Carbonate asphalt filler is of much higher purity than other mineral fillers, with negligible clay content, and as such is suitable for all specifications.

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Calcium Carbonate in mortars
Calcium Carbonate in mortars provides an optimal smooth mix with consistent light colour.

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Adhesives and grouts
Calcium Carbonate in adhesives and grouts
Calcium Carbonate is widely used in adhesives & grouts for its performance benefits, inc. strength enhancement, as a cost-reducing filler and toughening agent.

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